Free fall Partnering Workshop mit Christina Mertzani & Evangelos Poulinas

In this workshop we will explore ways to improve our corporeal
awareness in connection with a partner. To achieve this goal, we are
going to use elements from various techniques like contact
improvisation, acrobatics, acro-yoga, improvisation, personal movement
investigation and contemporary dance. The workshop progresses from
simple exercises of receiving weight and moving as a couple or small
groups, to more complex acrobatic exercises that lead gradually to the
final partnering combination. At the same time, with proposals on
sensations, feelings, images and movement qualities, you will be
invited to discover and augment your personal way of moving. With the
findings of this research we will set structured phrases, which will
encourage your unique way of dancing.

We want you to enjoy every step of the process! It is exciting to
dance with other people!

Christina and Evangelos have been immersed in their teaching practices
for years, both individually and together, and are in high demand to
teach partnering workshops all over the world. As performers, some
notable names that they have worked for include: Johannes Wieland,
Maxine Doyle, Apostolia Papadamaki, Helder Seabra, Stella Zannou,
Jasmin Vardimon, Wim Vandekeybus.